The Sausage King of Chicago (banshee) wrote,
The Sausage King of Chicago

Oh, uh, hi there!
I didn't quit you, LJ, I swear. I've been reading every day, just feeling quiet. I never feel as though I have anything important or interesting to share lately, you know? It's winter, and winter is boring.

Everyone is fine and dandy here, more or less. Owen has two pet frogs that The Mitten attempted to assassinate at 3am the other night, but they were rescued from a terrible fate after falling several feel onto a wet and gravelly kitchen floor. Larkin finally took her first independent steps last week at 15 months, immediately after the pediatrician recommended we take the number of the early intervention specialist. Ha! M is busy working and I am busy doing laundry and baking us to death with cookies.

Here is a reasonably dull video of a baby eating lunch:

What else can I play with? Nap? Ok, just let me finish up this Bechamel Silly goose

This one is just busy being cute.

Pikachu battling

Owen's new obsession is drawing. We've resorted to buying printer paper in bulk to keep up with his incessant creativity. He's been making books, too, and on the back of each one he writes, 'Check out these other books I made!' with thumbnails of the other books he wrote. Marketing genius!
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