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The Sausage King of Chicago's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Sausage King of Chicago

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Bonsoir, Monsieur [31 Oct 2000|12:21pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I'm putting together a quasi-costume for the parade watching soiree this evening...
The look? Tawdry old-school French Whore, darling. Red Moulin-Rouge-type skirt, black above-knee tights, long black gloves, cigarette holder (again), just-so wavy hair, and well-placed beauty mark. Oh - if I get my arse in gear I can go fake up a flask of Absinthe to complete the illusion...

We decided we're now going to take a plane from Madrid to Casablanca and back again for the flight home, reducing the instances of romantic train travel, but increasing the chances of being able to ride a camel in the Sahara. This also opens up opportunities for prolonged evenings over tapas and couscous, which I'm very much looking forward to.

We now rock the casbah in less than a week.

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Boo, and all that. [31 Oct 2000|01:47pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Here's a link to loads of spooky things - I haven't the time nor the bravery to look at them all...please let me know if you find anything particularly eeky!

(my personal favorites are the EVP recordings; I don't find these newfangled 'orbs' nearly as eerie...)

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Wooooooooooo... [31 Oct 2000|11:37pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Just back from the Halloween Parade (actually viewed one story up from a friend's apartment party)...love it love it love it.

Part of me wants to run off to Vermont and work with the Bread and Puppet Theater - they make the most gorgeous and hauntingly fragile giant puppet skeletons and things...I hope some of you at least got the chance to see it on Sci Fi. Next year I want to be in it again. One of the best things to do in NYC...

Time for bed...photos later...

Happy Halloween!

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