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The Sausage King of Chicago's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Sausage King of Chicago

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zing zing zing [20 Nov 2000|10:29am]
Have to keep my head above water today. Need to totally redesign my web page. Need to make templates for another project. Need to do yoga. Need to stop slacking. Learn Flash. Eat better. Be nicer. Stop hiding. Focus.
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ow [20 Nov 2000|05:21pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Despite the searing pain that has immobilized my lower back and right leg, I hightailed it over to Michael's workplace at short notice to test-drive their website. Made 40 bucks.

Also was surprised by a brand-new silver Joycam that Michael bought me off my wishlist. Excessive good-boyfriend behaviour. He's far too good for me. Damn.

Now I'm sitting at a distinct 45 degree angle as I can't straighten up. So much for getting around to yoga today. Also did not redesign website, learn Flash, or anything else on my list.

Got 40 bucks, tho. Who wants a beer? ;)

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this is not my cheese, officer [20 Nov 2000|06:32pm]
Let me explain to you why you should not watch television (and you should listen to me as this is very important and you are lucky that someone cares enough to tell you these things). Years ago, when I was a small child, I used to spend hours sitting in front of the television, smoking cigarettes and embalming my cousin Mikey. This took up most of my time, you see, as I was not very good at embalming at the time, and, after all, he was only my second cousin. You may be thinking, "But doncabfan, why would you do such a thing to your own family?". But Mikey did not seem to mind. You should have seen his face light up, though, when I brought him that box of doughnuts. He must have eaten three or four before he noticed the maggots I lovingly placed in each one. Boy, I'll always remember the look on his face. Just like the kid in that TV commercial. Only not so much so. Anyway, I don't watch TV much anymore. Not since I found Jesus. Funny finding him floating in that portable toilet like that, though. Eh, such is life.

(the preceeding brought to you by Sans Souci's Doncabfan impersonation contest. Sorry it's not better.)
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