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The Sausage King of Chicago's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Sausage King of Chicago

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Some things [22 Nov 2000|12:10pm]
Today I need to:
* do laundry. and i really mean it this time. i am not wearing a pyjama top and a floor-length satin skirt to thanksgiving dinner. i think.
* get vacation photos developed. all four of them.
* get dolled up for Ducky's Barmacy gig tonight.

I am afraid to take a shower. Every time the boiler kicks in, it gives the apartment the distinct feel of the inside of a freight train as it rolls through a war zone. The dishes rattle, the floor shakes, I can hear the pipes hitting the wall in front of my computer. I actually put shoes on each time this happens, figuring I'll probably have to grab the cat and make a run for it when the thing blows.

(you would too if in one year your apartment had been decimated by a radiator accident and the building right behind you collapsed as you stood naked, seven feet away)

Ah, New York.
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The American Dream [22 Nov 2000|05:08pm]
Some of the flyers up at my local Laundry Land this afternoon:
* Learn German!
* Learn art! German woman will teach you. (same woman?)
* Need apartment/sublet! (about 20 of these)
* Diplomats! Lose that accent! (how many diplomats do their laundry in the east village?)

Michael is still glued to 'Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2'. 48 hours and counting. Has begun using words like 'phat' and 'dope'.

I need a beer.
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