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The Sausage King of Chicago's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Sausage King of Chicago

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Well, damn. [30 Nov 2000|12:26pm]
Sleepily I pulled up the AP news website, and the first headline I see:

Texas Explodes in Brilliant, Rare Display of Fall Colors

I read this as:

Texas Explodes

...and admittedly felt a little happier, if just for a second. Ah, well.

Good morning, all.
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Well, holy crap. [30 Nov 2000|04:10pm]
[ mood | greedy ]

My dad just sent me an email (wireless) to tell me he's sending me his old (6 mo. at most) cell phone (nokia, digital) which he has already activated with a NYC number. It's winging it's way here monday. Miracles do happen!

Have I mentioned how happy I am to have been raised by techno-savvy label-conscious materialists? It beats the trailer park any day.

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