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The Sausage King of Chicago's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Sausage King of Chicago

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Good morning and wow! [07 Dec 2000|11:48am]
This is absolutely fantastic - there are a whole slew of new contributions to Creativity101! Thank you to Beatchick, Boofany, Twinstar, Emmet, Elgorgo, Unquietmind, Enero, Lorigami, Pixiemoon, Ginamoog, and Ee (ee?)!
I would link you all, but my fingers are frozen; it's cold in here!

The water cam back on after 10am this morning. My meeting was supposed to be at 9.30. Oh well. Michael went and hashed things out with the clients. We still don't have any money yet. Hopefully soon.

I'm off to take a well-needed shower. Ah.
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Bored? [07 Dec 2000|02:10pm]
I have to go run some errands. In the meantime, let's play something I swiped from Cyn at ihaveasecret.com...word association. I'll start.


Your turn...
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Success [07 Dec 2000|05:16pm]
My ears are going to fall off. It's brisk. I need a hat. I've been looking for one that ties under the chin and covers the ears and has fairly demure kitty ears on top, or something like that. Not too cutesy, but fun. Any suggestions?

I walked all over the village and through Chinatown and got a whole slew of things for those of you I'm sending cards to. Silly trinkets and some candy. I think I'll work on those tonight!

I am having a hot chocolate and a piece of pumpkin pie. Warm. Good.
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