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The Sausage King of Chicago's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Sausage King of Chicago

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Quick hullo [15 Dec 2000|01:45pm]
Things are looking up - I actually got a call about a one-day scanning job on Monday, which will get me at least enough cash to cover food until San Francisco...at least I'm bringing in cash.

The cell phone arrived today, so I can stay online all day long and not worry about what I'm missing...

Plus my weekend is booked up with a party, an afternoon with an old friend, and some good old-fashioned tree decoratin' at the 'in-laws''.

Now I have to hurryhurry and do a little holiday shopping. And drop off laundry.

The tree is making our crummy little studio smell really, really good.
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Home Alone [15 Dec 2000|08:01pm]
Michael was actually invited out to a coworker's place to play video games...that leaves me to fend for myself...too late to do laundry, too late to buy any more christmas gifts.
Guess I'll order dinner.

After realizing a tiny roll of nice wrapping paper costs around eight bucks, I opted for brown craft paper, silver bows and ribbon, and I picked up some glistening-snow-type white glitter, which when paired with glue and a steady hand, will result in sparkly freehand snowflakes all over the packages.
(I can't just wrap things in candy-cane blah paper anymore. I fear Martha Stewart will come poke me in the eye with a pipe cleaner if I don't make an effort.)
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