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The Sausage King of Chicago's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Sausage King of Chicago

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Busy [17 Dec 2000|09:30pm]
It's been a whirl of a weekend...

Saturday started with an attempt to take tea at the Plaza with my oldest friend Kitt, which failed miserably as seven thousand tourists apparently set out with the same idea...so we wandered off to a nondescript French joint for a glass of champagne instead. Found out our mutual friend has just gotten engaged (tres bizarre)...
Shortly after we whisked off to Jersey for a holiday soiree at Michael's friends' apartment. Much wine and conversation ensued, lovely christmasy music, atmosphere, food...good night.

Sunday. Slept in too late, dropped off laundry, met some of the lovely ladies of Livejournal for brunch, and rushed off to partake in some desperate last-minute shopping.

Weirdest moment of the day?
As we left the apartment the light outside had begun to take on the weirdest quality - we looked up, and there, arching over the East Village, was the brightest, most spectacular double-rainbow I'd ever seen. The strangest thing was the reaction on the streets - everyone stopped dead and stared with the dumbest smiles on their faces. Everyone was a child again. Even the most jaded New Yorkers were chattering and giggling about it. It was an amazing example of how energy can spread through a crowd...the atmosphere was, for a change, more cheerful and positive than I've ever felt here.

Now I have to wrap presents; I'll elaborate later!
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