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The Sausage King of Chicago's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Sausage King of Chicago

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Lazy desert day [25 Dec 2000|12:19pm]
I just noticed that on the wall of my father's office (he telecommutes from home) there is a framed x-ray of a ribcage on the wall (he was in radiological equipment for a long while), which has been donned with a red bow and santa hat. Hilarious.

I am drinking champagne. It is barely noon.

It's really bright and sunny today, and just out the window there's a long-eared desert hare hopping among the cacti outside. It's not warm enough to swim, but it's not too chilly, either. The sky is very blue.

My parents have two cats and three dogs, all of which make me sneeze, but I love them.
Duke, the oldest dog, a white Golden Retriever. This will undoubtedly be his last christmas...
Molly, a young russet Golden that mothers every other animal in the house, cleaning their ears and keeping them well-behaved...
Maggie, a scrappy white Westie. Very cute. Barks wildly every time I sneeze. Hates anything 'abnormal'...
Gilda, a space-alien cat with humanlike meows. Queen of the house...
and Karma, fluffy purebred Birman cat that is male, but seems to be 'batting for the other team'. He loves makeup and perfume and pretty things. But that's...ok. :)

I have very little to write about, as we realy haven't done christmas yet. We did wake up to filled stockings today, incense and candles and chocolate and a book by Khalil Ghibran (mom is very feng shui/crystals/zen/enlightenment oriented)...we also opened up a gift last night just for sport - a blown-glass blue sphere meant to hang in the window and catch evil spirits. Funny, my best friend got me a book on spells to keep one's home safe...everyone must think we live above the gateway to hell! (we might)

I have no solid plan for today. Another glass of champagne? A bath? Most likely both.

What is your favorite aspect of the holiday, if you choose to celebrate it...?

For me, it wouldn't be christmas without the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, the animals with noses buried in piles of wrapping paper, and lots of candles.
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