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The Sausage King of Chicago's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Sausage King of Chicago

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Waiting Game [29 Dec 2000|03:33pm]
Waiting for FedEx to deliver my new digicamera.
Since they usually tap the buzzer once and leave, I can never get a package unless I am alert and waiting by the intercom all day. Thus, no shower, thus no bank, thus no emergency groceries for:

The much ballyhoo'ed 'nor'easter' that is apparently poised and ready to dump oodles of blizzardy goodness on us tomorrow. I am all for it - it's a weekend, Michael and I have piles and piles of new books and movies and video games from christmas, all ready to be enjoyed with hot cocoa...I'm just afraid something will happen to the heat / water in the building. The day after christmas there was a note taped to the door stating that our building has been sold to another company. Secretly I fear that since the building behind us fell down, and the one on the corner is low-income housing, that we'll all be torn down to build a MegaBananaRepublicStarbucksGap on this heavily-trafficked corner. It would not be at all surprising.

I have lots more to write about, like yesterday's visit to the Museum of Natural History with 11 members of Michael's family on the busiest day I've ever seen, or the loverly gifts I received, or my doped-up flying experiences (xanax is nice but I want horse tranquilizers)...maybe later. Or never. Whatever.

I do want to acknowledge the fact that I am very flattered to receive the Golden Goat Award on behalf of Creativity101, for most creative use of a LiveJournal. I refrained from participating in the whole awards thing, as I wasn't sure if I liked the idea of 'bests' and 'worsts', but I am happy that people really responded well to the project. I've been neglecting it since the holiday, so this weekend I'll get on the ball and get a new project going. Any ideas are, as always, appreciated!

Also, overflowing bundles of thank-you's to Lorigami, Ducky, Smearofthigh, and Freeflow for your lovely cards and goodies! This really was a happy holiday!
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Oh, poo. [29 Dec 2000|06:08pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

The camera never arrived. It was being shipped from 30 blocks uptown (tax purposes, long story), and since they sent it express saver, it is just sitting on a truck until Tuesday, apparently. And, I wasted the entire day sitting in here waiting. I'm hungry. Pleugh.

Now I have to rush out, unwashed, to deposit a check in the ATM and hope the bank gives me a little of it to tide me over, so I can buy some food. We have about two bags of mostly-eaten potato chips, lots of dry pasta (no sauce), an Ortega soft taco kit (no meat, cheese, or anything else), a tube of wasabi paste, one taste-free cookie shaped like Saturn, and a chocolate spoon meant to stir foofoo coffee.

All aboard the Malnutrition Express!

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