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The Sausage King of Chicago's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Sausage King of Chicago

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Just dandy [31 Dec 2000|12:42am]
[ mood | awake ]

I've tucked into the sherry and about to read some more of Quentin Crisp's Resident Alien.

Quentin lived two blocks away, and I used to see him at the Cooper Diner, his favorite haunt, and where we get breakfast quite a bit. He died this year. Poor old dandy.

What's everyone doing tomorrow night?

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Words [31 Dec 2000|04:22pm]
I just wrote this in response to Ragdoll's post (regarding the negative connotation given to 'feminism')in the Feministas community:

(to preface, I'm 28, with a fairly standard 70's, macrame-owl, zodiac-reading, fondue-party upbringing)

Feminism to me simply means striving to be treated on an equal basis to men in regards to pay rate, health coverage, opportunities, etc. There are other factors, of course - the treatment of women as objects or possesions of men bothers me to no end...however, I'm pro-porn, assuming its purpose is to arouse, not just to showcase the weakness of women to make nervous men feel better about themselves...

As for makeup and strapless things and such, I'm all for it. I dress provocatively when I feel like it, I wear makeup every day, I own four pairs of high heels, and I love it all. But I dress this way for myself. I have an incredibly loving boyfriend, so I'm not out to 'hunt fer a man' when I go out...I consider dressing up to be an (albeit fairly low) art form. We're all canvases for our own imagination. Why should we cease to express ourselves outwardly if it means we might attract someone because of it?

It's funny, too, that words like 'feminist' and 'liberal' started out out positive and well-meaning, then were rapidly redefined as 'extreme' and 'frivolous', and spoken with a sneer.

I'm a liberal and a feminist, and I'm happy about that. Before you sneer, look both words up in the dictionary before you believe Rush Limbaugh...:)
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