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The Sausage King of Chicago's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Sausage King of Chicago

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[27 Oct 2009|09:26am]

It's not easy to get Owen to agree to photos these days. They'd just cut into his video game time, you know?
But look at this sweet kid! So pensive, so thoughtful, wouldn't hurt a fly...Collapse )
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[27 Oct 2009|09:20pm]
I know, I know - enough with the pictures of your kids, right? Sorry to be that person.
Really, though, it's either this or regaling you with tales like, 'I went to the craft store and bought nothing!' and 'I didn't have anything to eat but cheese so I made my husband bring home soup!'.

See? So here:

Now that I have your attention, how about buying me a pony?

Buy me a pony!Collapse )
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