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Nothing like running a bath, only to find out the hot water ran out 2.5 seconds in.
Also, I have only 4 dollars on me, thus am forced to assemble a franken-dinner at home, consisting of some combination of margerine, peas, plain pasta, the last of the apple cider, and a packet of miso soup. This is not looking promising.
I have accomplished nothing of note today. I feel a sense of pride in my consistancy. Continual, uninterrupted uselessness.

I did well yesterday, though. Spent only 38 dollars and came away with:
* 1 long-sleeved fitted black t-shirt;
* 1 floor length (remarkable, seeing as I'm 6' tall) skirt, ideal for travelling in the medina;
* 1 pair embroidered silk shoes (flat, for travelling)
* 1 embroidered silk travel journal, with heavily decorated page edges, looks ancient already - love it;
* 1 Jamaican patty, not delicious.
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