The Sausage King of Chicago (banshee) wrote,
The Sausage King of Chicago

High-falutin' Pikachu art for O's room

I've been stuck in bed all week with a janky back. The good news is that I got a TON of yardwork out of the way this weekend...the bad news? I'm OLD. I've had to rely on my mom and M to bring food and beverages, lift and feed children, etc. Sounds relaxing, right? Wrong! I basically spent the week watching wall-to-wall Michael Jackson death coverage while whimpering and spilling food on myself while trying to entertain a baby within a 3-ft radius. Blah. Not the 'break' one would hope for.

I did manage to accomplish one thing - I took some high-falutin' b&w shots of the many faces of Pikachu to frame as individual 8x10s on Owen's wall - shh; I'm making over his room for his birthday, and he's getting a computer and a desk and new paint and such. I'm even going to load the computer with his favorite bookmarks, wallpaper, etc. He's going to spend a day/night at his grandparents' so the whole thing will be like a Trading Spaces reveal! Ah, he's going to hate it and wonder why we couldn't just buy him a crappy Sonic video game instead. Ah, well.
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