The Sausage King of Chicago (banshee) wrote,
The Sausage King of Chicago

Last night I put together a Martha-Stewart-for-Kmart console table (on clearance!) that works perfectly as a mini-desk for Owen's tiny room. It's only 15" deep, just enough for a flat-screen monitor, keyboard, mousepad, and not much else. Bonus - no room for clutter!
We also moved his bed to another wall, took out the play kitchen and other things he doesn't play with, and pretty soon he'll have a brand new 'big kid' room. The bedrooms here are so teeny. It's like a dormitory.

I have so many projects lined up; it's crazy. I have to finish painting the hallways a pearl grey (the downstairs hall is almost finished). I have to paint O's room a soft light blue. I have to paint the upstairs bath a sort of cafe au lait, and clean white trim throughout the house. Gotta paint that metallic vertical stripe in the living room. Gotta hang mirrors and bracketless shelves.

The problem with waiting until you can thrift accent pieces and artwork and frames and furniture is that you're never done. Still, I don't think I've bought anything for this house that didn't come dirt cheap from a garage sale or was on deep-discount clearance. Holla.
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