The Sausage King of Chicago (banshee) wrote,
The Sausage King of Chicago

So I learned something about myself this morning - I learned that I am not only mildly claustrophobic, but intensely, acutely claustrophobic. I figured this out when tearfully begging to be let out of an MRI machine - an 'open' MRI machine! - at an appointment that was supposed to help me finally figure out what is wrong with my spine and why I'm laid up with intense back (and now leg) pain that has kept me from getting around normally or feeling ok for months.

I needed this. I had to fight to get an MRI, and now I can't even go through with it. My only hope is sedation, but I'm not sure that will be enough to keep me from feeling that I've been buried alive. Augh, health fail!

Edit: Oh! I wonder if I can get insurance to pay for this one!
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