The Sausage King of Chicago (banshee) wrote,
The Sausage King of Chicago

Is anyone here using Google Wave? The husband is and I'm trying to figure out how to get an invite. I don't even know when it's supposed to launch officially. O, technology!
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From what I have heard, they have throttled invites for now. It's kinda flaky. I'm trying to get one too for my one big web client, and he's got connections...and so far, *crickets* May you have better luck.
I have an invite available. Which email should I send it to?
No kidding! Are you serious? Um...luckyolive at gmail dot com. Thank you!
Ok, sent! It won't arrive immediately, but the people I've invited so far have gotten theirs within a day or two.

It's weird, Adam and I both signed up for the beta thing ages ago. He got his invitation right away. Mine came much later, but I got 8 invitations to give away and he didn't get any.
I've got it but well it's pretty danged boring when no one else is on it.
Thank you again! I'm getting a chance to play with it and it's going to be really useful to organize info between M and I!
I hope it's useful for you! So far all I've done is send Adam a wave with a picture of Katie and a "is this baby cute?" yes/no/maybe voting button.
huh. i don't even know what this google wave thing everyone's been talking about even DOES! must research...
It's sort of a 'living' email? A static IM session? So far we've managed to have a live holiday-shopping list idea 'conference', not the most thrilling, but at least it's a way to make notes and lists and pass them back and forth, so to speak.