The Sausage King of Chicago (banshee) wrote,
The Sausage King of Chicago

Mmn, cake</a>

And it was pretty much too dark to take any good photos. Plus I was running around and putting out food instead of documenting important times in my child's life. Mother of the year! At least everybody had their fill of pigs-in-a-blanket.

Mini cake for the L-monster

My three-tiered cake idea was shot to hell after the first two layers. The top became Larkin's personal cake instead. Obviously a hasty decorating job. I don't think she cared, although she seemed rather confused by the hoopla. 'Why are you setting it on fire?!'

Hastily put-together 'theme'

At least the flowers are pretty

I do not know how professionals get their fondant so smooth on a round cake. The concept was so much cooler in my head - orange and pink banners around each layer - but it just looks sad and droopy.
I'm the Ass of Cakes!

Hopefully everyone had a good time, in any case. Larkin sure seemed to.
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I just lol'ed for real at "Ass of Cakes". But I disagree! It's adorable and the personal cake is precious. Happy birthday baby Bee!
Aww, well thanks. :)


9 years ago

It looked lovely! THe personal birhday cake is too cute. Plus, I dig her "One years old" cupcake pin.
Thank you! The felt pin was hastily put together, too. :)


9 years ago

Okay, lemme get this straight:

You have two small children, a bad back, a clean house, gorgeous coordinated decorations for a 1 year old's birthday (fancier than many professional celebratory cakes I've seen for adults!), took care of your guests, and are still able to write this post?!

I kindly ask you not to be hard on yourself--you're highly energetic and fabulous.
Well, you are too kind...thank you. It's hard to reconcile when you have a certain idea about how things should look and they fail to live up to expectations. But, everyone was fed, so I suppose we're ahead there.
I should mail you an extra big piece of cake for that!


9 years ago


9 years ago

awww dont be hard on yourself! the cake is cute and sweet and reminds me of banners in a kids book (i.e. intentionally wonky!)

and orange/+pink gerbers = Instant Happiness
I did want to go for a slight intentional wonkiness, but it just ended up looking sloppy. Ah well! Next time it'll be better. And thank you.

Aren't those flowers together the best?!
I think the cake looks great! I can't imagine working with fondant, so hats off to you. And Larkin keeps getting cuter and cuter. I can't believe she's one already!
The cake is super cute! (so is the Bee as always) did you make your own Fondant? I've only worked with fondant a few times and ugh, just thinking about it makes me want to wring my hands in anxiety.
Yep, marshmallow fondant. It's actually quite fun to make, but when it came to draping a cake it made me want to throw things.
I too lol'd at your "Ass of Cakes!" exclamation.

omg you are waaaay too tough on yourself...
that cake is totally charm city... you did a beautiful job, you should enjoy!

maybe you need to watch more Whatever Martha...

Is that "Whatever Martha" a series?

It's like Mystery Science Theater for Martha Stewart!

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

Re: OMG!


9 years ago


9 years ago

I think you did a great job with the cake decorating!
It's adorable! Ass of cakes, my ass :)
that cake is amazing! i don't even know how to make fondant!
It's really easy to make! Melt a bag of marshmallows in a micro for 2 min, slowly add powdered sugar, mix with a greased wooden spoon until kneadable, rest it in fridge overnight, roll and use!
Ass of Cakes! That really made me LOL. Fondant is hard! I still love how they turned out though. Those colors are so great and the flowers are perfect!

Happy Birthday Larkin!!
Thank you! I guess it seems like it should be so much easier. Edible play-doh, really, how hard could it be?!


9 years ago

Looks awesome to me. Funny though. This self critical post could have been written by Justine about something that she did that was equally wonderful.
Justine always does amazing things! And thank you.
that is a great cake!!
Thanks, lady! :)
I think the cake looks terrific! Kudos to you for trying fondant at all.

After all these years, I've added you. Dunno why I didn't before! Now I am on a quest for cool moms, and you fit the bill perfectly.
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