The Sausage King of Chicago (banshee) wrote,
The Sausage King of Chicago


It's not easy to get Owen to agree to photos these days. They'd just cut into his video game time, you know?
But look at this sweet kid! So pensive, so thoughtful,

I sense danger

Aaah! Ninja!


Somebody's going for a drama scholarship

Somebody's going for a drama scholarship.

Ninja is defeated.

Most badass $14 we've spent in a while.
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Deleted comment

I love how it makes him so theatrical! He really believes he's a ninja. I miss having that kind of imagination.
that last photo wins the oscar.
i looooove the drama scholarship picture@!!
he is SO HANDSOME! my god! and getting SO BIG!!!
He's so grown up and is a kick-ass ninja!
wow! fall!

sigh I have yet to see such pretty leaves in person. stupid florida.

anyhow adorable shots :D
That ninja costume is awesome, but I love the thoughtful pose!
"it's true... the fly never felt a thing..."


That top is beautiful. He looks a little dread pirate Robert-y without the mask.
Those pictures are so great! I love the second to last one.
Aww! Love that bean.
man, it's so cool to see this guy grow. I'm still impressed with the early rolling over footage! Forever a member of the "I love Owen" fan club.
Good lord he makes a bad-ass little ninja!
So cute! He is working that ninja costume!