The Sausage King of Chicago (banshee) wrote,
The Sausage King of Chicago

I know, I know - enough with the pictures of your kids, right? Sorry to be that person.
Really, though, it's either this or regaling you with tales like, 'I went to the craft store and bought nothing!' and 'I didn't have anything to eat but cheese so I made my husband bring home soup!'.

See? So here:

Now that I have your attention, how about buying me a pony?

Everything is so interesting! Would you like one? Giggle giggle

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You know me about kids and stuff, but I always, always enjoy reading about yours. Your gorgeous photos don't hurt!
they really are unbelievably gorgeous kids! these photos are fantastic. and if you ever stop posting pics of them i will be mad!
If you ever stop posting photos of the kids, I'm de-friending you.

These pictures are beautiful.
That first picture - wow.
oh my god so precious
oh good lord are you serious? You could post a picture daily of your kids and I'd be one happy clam. Keep them comin' is what I say! Also, these photos are genius.
I love seeing all of these, not to mention the ones you put up of Owen in his Ninja suit.
I am totally guilty of picture posts of my kid. Just wait until #2 if you think I'm bad now..
Tooo cute!

I have a "whole lotta nothing" going on in my life too.

I think you should open a consignment shop/online business/Ebay Store selling your thift store/garage sale finds. You are so good at it.
Sorry you feel the same! Hopefully things will pick up pace for you soon. :) And thank you!

I'd consider the thrift find shop idea quite seriously if it weren't for the fact that this last summer's thrifting was miserable! I think I bought up everything good in town already, maybe. Heh.

I love all the pictures!
These are way too adorable. That first one is to die for!
Please don't stop posting photos of your kids - SO cute!
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