The Sausage King of Chicago (banshee) wrote,
The Sausage King of Chicago

Larkin vs. dim sum.

- Still not walking, but is cruising around like a champ and starting to let go a little while standing
- Eats EVERYTHING. Is a little epicurean who wants to try any food she sees. For example, tried to flag down every dim sum cart as it passed, pointing and calling out, 'Yum yum YUM!'. Likes things like pickles and olives and Thai food. This is the exact opposite of Owen.
- Has a pretty interesting vocabulary so far. Routinely uses words like birds, books, pets, cat, yum, blocks, brother, butterfly (butt!), red, mama, dada, puffs, and her favorite, 'whassat?' (point point point)
- gives air kisses freely
- flirts by tilting her head and pointing to people and smiling (see video)
- loves books, will bring you a certain book if you ask for it ('where is your train book?') and will flip through a stack of board books while chanting softly, 'Bookths...bookths...bookths...'
- If she hears music anywhere she will do the funniest little subtle dance - more like a shimmy. Cue grocery shopping and adorable baby gently bobbing to Muzak.

She's just such a cool little kid - so sweet and happy and easygoing. We're lucky. We have great kids.
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Great post! Love the flirty head-tilt and shameless devouring of delicious dim-sum. I also call out "yum yum yum yum!" when I eat pork buns. Your kids are dreamy.
oh my goodness cute! and I love dad's "You're so cute!!! You too honey" bit :)
oh my gosh what a darling!!! you guys are so adorable. much love!!!
SWEET LORD she is cute. What a charming little bee.
so cute. love her flirty pose, lol.
She's SO CUTE. What a little dumpling :)
You DO have great kids. Of course, they are lucky too because they obviously have great parents -- which makes all the difference.

I'd love to meet you all someday!
yay! great way to start my day - to see the little bee smiling and chatting!
LOLOLOL. Aw, baby! I hope my little one is as charming at the Bee's age. (6 months from now!)
what a pretty mommy! :)
hahaha can she open her mouth ANY WIIIIDER? she is adorable, you all are!
that could go on
Haha, so cute! She sure loves that food! Wesley's always been like that, open to any kind of food. Which makes it fun for us!
GAH!!! Too cute!
Adorable! I love how she chases the chopsticks with her wide-open baby bird mouth!.
yum yum yum YUM indeed, Larkin!
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