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I inadvertently chose the exact same outfits (except not; entirely new clothes!) as last year's holiday photos. Odd!

Today we went to the George Eastman House to take pictures and to gawk at the gingerbread house exhibit. It was pretty crowded. They were having a flute concert in the conservatoooory, which I was hoping to hear a bit of, but two children had other ideas. It would have probably been a pretty nice warm/fuzzy holiday experience on a quieter day.

The photos were kind of a bust, too. It hasn't snowed yet, and we were hard-pressed to find a decent appropriate backdrop, so this had to do. Oh well! Gotta get those cards out...
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SO cute. Both of them. =)
Aww, thanks. :)
You have absolutely beautiful children!
Well thank you! :)
haha, that is funny. cute pics.

something i noticed before but couldn't pinpoint, their skin tones are quite different, aren't they?
Thanks! And yeah - it's so weird! Owen's definitely pale like me, and L probably takes after M's family? I swear, there was no mixup at the hospital! ;)
cute photos! while the difference in larkin is obvious, i can also see that owen is a little older and wiser.

and how funny about the clothes. sometimes i find myself dressing annabel similarly to me without realizing it and then i just want to slap my forehead and find something else to wear but usually don't have the time, ha.

Thanks! It's interesting to see the differences, especially since the clothes are like a constant, ha!

I coordinate us all the time without realizing, too! One day all four of us left the house in orange. Nerdy.


9 years ago

Your children are absolutely beautiful.
Thank you. :)

Deleted comment

Old Navy! They may still be in stores, on clearance. :)
Your kids are just way too cute! Great pics. :)
Aww, thanks! :)
you should have green and brown with white polka dots as a holiday staple! you can slightly change it up every year~

i can see their friends saying, 'your mom is kind of weird' in the future already!

but i love the idea!
That is SO cute and the picture is adorable! At first I was like, whoa, did you get a giant, fancy new house?
It's too funny the identical clothes were an accident! Aww, look at the little ones. How I adore them so <3<3<3 .