The Sausage King of Chicago (banshee) wrote,
The Sausage King of Chicago

Owen's betta fish Finny died yesterday. He had been poorly for weeks and weeks, unable to swim well due to (I think) swim bladder disease. We could nothing except keep his bowl clean and give him pep talks. He managed to galumph around his bowl for the longest time, coming out from behind his rock to check out what the cats were doing, etc. He was such a good fish.

Anyway, yesterday before I woke up I had a vivid dream where Finny was swimming normally in his bowl, his scales the same vibrant red and purple they were in his youth, and when I woke up I knew Finny had died. I was right. Owen took it pretty bad when he came home from school, but when the tears dried he asked to write Finny a note.

RIP Phineas Q Fisherson III ('Finny')

'I wish you could come back to life but you can't.'


'I hope you had a great time at my home. PS: I love you.'


After deciding that Finny was happy and able to swim again in Fish Heaven, he felt a little better.
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oh man, this is kind of made me teary. so sweet!
Awww...poor Owen. I'm sure Finny had a great time at Owen's home.
Aw. What an amazing little story.
That is a wonderful way to introduce your child to losing someone or something he or she loves. When Elly died this summer, Krysztof had the kids draw her. Z, who is 7, drew her with angel wings. Actually, she still draws Elly when she's drawing the cats, always with angel wings.
Well that's just beautiful. Heart-melting!
Oh no, this is so sad. Poor little Owen. Wesley had such a hard time when his fish died, so I know how this is. It's heartbreaking. :(
Adorable! I'm a little teary. RIP, Finny.
ugh. sweet Owen. Brave Finny.
oh my god, so sweet
Oh man. The pictures totally made me teary! You are son is so sweet and sensitive.
aww, tearjerker!
Owen is such a little sweetheart.
Aw. That made me verklempt. When my sister's fish passed away, she played a piece that she wrote on her violin.
Aww, cry!!!!!! That is so sweet. I'm sorry for the loss of Finny :(

And I also feel obligated to point out that the boy has a real eye for color. I love his choices!
Thanks! Heh. I'll pass that on!
That's so cute (but sad). Sorry about your fishy.
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