The Sausage King of Chicago (banshee) wrote,
The Sausage King of Chicago

For Larkin Sushi pocket square!

I made Larkin a doll. It was one of the most enjoyable things I've done in a long while!
I'd probably make another right away, but my fingers are raw from all the tiny stitching of hems, etc.
Anyway, it's good to finally make something. Plus, she'll look really cute sitting on the doll bed L's getting on Christmas morning.
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oh its really great! shes going to love it!
ah so cute, with her little sushi shirt and sweet shoes! I'm very impressed!
That is SO PRECIOUS. Seriously. It makes me tear up. Sorry, I'm super hormonal right now. Nothing to see here!
that is adorable!
well done! well done indeed!
Great Job! She is so pretty. :-)
Oh i love her! You picked the perfect hair. I've made three of these dolls so far, and the hair is always the part I struggle with the most. They are addictive, since they go together so quickly. Great job!
OMG its SO cute, you did such a fantastic job!!
Now I really wish that I'd find some time to try to make a doll, but a lot of my plush attempts have not gone swimmingly :(
amazing. i can't even sew a button. open an etsy shop, lady!
Aww when I was little my mom sewed me a whole little bunny family, which was a feat since my mom rarely sewed (stapling Halloween costumes was her MO). I remember the baby bunny had this little swaddle that it went in. Your doll reminds me of my bunnies!
she looks fab!
She's so adorable! Now I want to make one (or more)!
you made that?! WOAH. totally impressive
I love the Wee Wonderfuls patterns! She looks fab!
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