The Sausage King of Chicago (banshee) wrote,
The Sausage King of Chicago

So yesterday it was my birthday, and my parents took us out for dinner at the new restaurant run by our grocery store, of all places. Now, they used to operate a place called Tastings, which was a high-end restaurant with an open kitchen on par with NYC. Some of the best meals I've ever had in my LIFE were there, including celebrity chef prix-fixe menus. Crazy stuff. Even for an everyday lunch there the truffled mac 'n' cheese was a revelation.

So anyway, I was pretty bummed out that they closed Tastings and decided to 'go casual' across the street with a new restaurant that sounded like an upscale pub - we have like, a million of those here, people! But the menu sounded interesting, and we had to give it a try. It was so much better than expected!

It helps that my parents know how to go all out: limited-production ridiculous wine, oysters and moules frites and complimentary foie gras (because it 'matched so well with the wine you have to try it'). I had the sushi; best hamachi I've ever had. Not only did Larkin eat her organic spaghetti dinner and cheddar bunnies I brought, she also devoured anything else I put in front of her: sea bass! pommes frites with garlic aioli! avocado maki! foie gras! She will eat anything. She gets mad if she can't try everything. Sorry, baby, no $150 Sea Smoke Chardonnay for you. Boo hoo!

Anyway, it was insane. We've been watching our pennies lately, so this was an especially huge treat.
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February 10 2010, 15:17:36 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  February 10 2010, 15:19:05 UTC

Wegman's, man. If they ever make it to Boston, Whole Foods will be crying in its beer.

I did not understand the magic of this place until I visited Rochester for my brother's graduation. It pretty much made up for Rochester giving the world the phrase "garbage plate."
Hey, now! I've got a soft spot for those garbage plates! :)

I still wish they'd open a Whole Foods, or better yet - Trader Joe's. I am a fiercely loyal Wegman's customer but I'm so tired of hearing about all the delicious things I'm missing out on!


8 years ago


8 years ago

i LOVE wegmans. i had never been to one before but now we are out of nyc it's our local store. hurrah!.
Such a difference from the microscopic bodegas and overpriced gourmet shops of NYC, eh?

I hope all is well in your new digs!
Happy Birthday!!

I sure do hope my kid wants to try everything when eating times come. Picky eaters get the hairy eyeball in this house.
Thank you!

I always swore picky eaters were the fault of the parents and that MY KIDS would grow up exposed to all sorts of things and never have that problem. Wrong! Owen literally has a fear of food. His dairy allergy paved the way for this somewhat, because we had to be careful what he ate and he picked up on that - new food can hurt you! - plus, I think he's generally a kid who doesn't adjust to change. So it's been chicken nuggets and PB&J and tears over trying new things and going to bed hungry rather than taking a bite of green bean, etc.

You can imagine my elation when L turned out to be an eater. :) I hope you never have to go through the stress of picky eating!

And hey, you're comin' right along with that baby!
no photos? dang woman! however...everything sounds amazing. and i love that your daughter is eager to try new foods that most children would be like "ew, gross!" adventurous kids with intrepid palates are the best!
I know! That would have been smart, eh? Next time, I promise. We've already vowed to go back for drinks and little shared plates soon.

Owen has always been the world's pickiest eater, so since L enjoys food I have been going all out, getting her a play kitchen right away and spending our days listening to 'The Splendid Table' and KCRW's 'Good Food' together.
Maybe she'll be a chef.
oh! Happy Birthday!!
Thank you!!
Happy (belated) birthday! I'm glad that you had such a lovely culinary experience for your birthday! I firmly believe that good food makes for a good birthday and it's even better that your little one has such an adventurous taste!
Happy birthday! It's sounds like you had a wonderful one. And that restaurant sounds like so much fun!! I wish our Wegman's would open one!
I'm so happy a sophisticated urbanite like yourself has the Tastings love--people never believe me when I talk about how good that place was. They probably thing I sound like a hick impressed by Applebee's or something. But seriously. The best cup of coffee I have ever had in my life was there, and one of the most memorable lunches (black truffle mac n cheese, to die for!).

Belated birthday wishes to you!
good little gourmet baby!! she's like a tiny, female jeffrey steingarten. ;)
happy happy birthday week! have a magical year!
Happy Birthday!!
Awesome that Larkin is so adventurous :)