The Sausage King of Chicago (banshee) wrote,
The Sausage King of Chicago

Ha! Trading comments with the 'Hipster Grifter' on Gawker right now. So surreal.
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Very surreal...
That has got to be one of the weirdest/saddest stories i've read in a while. How bizzare
Isn't it? So hard to believe it was real and not a figment of a scriptwriter's imagination.
Very odd to have read about her for so long and have her answering questions freely.
did you ask her how she feels about the L&O version of her 'ripped from the headlines' story?
I thought of you, remembering your post about that! You should have played her. :)

Someone asked that, actually. Here's her answer:

02:25 PM

@dollywould: I never saw it, actually.

I did hear that the character based upon me was eventually convicted of homicide, or something. So, you know, that's awesome.
this has nothing to do with the hipster grifter, but your hair is so long! it looks good! exclamation points!
Hey, thank you! It grows not so much long, as out. In all directions. I almost never take it out of a ponytail!
that's me, too. i really want to have longer hair, but at this stage, eating really becomes a chore when my hair isn't tied back!
I remember reading an article about her a while back.

p.s. I also think your hair looks great. :)
I have been away for a week and I see you have a new icon.

'Sup, gorgeous?!?!?!?!!!!!!! Love that hair, and a-you!
love the new icon and hair!!!