The Sausage King of Chicago (banshee) wrote,
The Sausage King of Chicago

Girly post!
I just got back from Target, which debuted their Liberty of London collection today.

51JZ3auFCyL._AA260_ 610sscK1D3L._AA260_ 61PJneVA1+L._AA260_

A bright and ruffly top, a sundress, and a one-shouldered maxidress. Great prints - and I NEVER buy prints.

Don't even get me started on the housewares. I nearly bought a bunch of accessories and linens to outfit L's 'big girl' room, since the pink-and-orange dominant floral is almost exactly what I had in mind. Aaauuughghgghgirly! Who the hell am I?

517i6ctNOCL._AA260_ 51G+DSeud0L._AA260_

A romper for the Bee Unit, and a large bag (and matching wallet) for me.

What I really want, but can't afford:


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very cute. love the bag and the first top, and the romper (wish it came in my size). I went to the pop-up shop they did here in NYC but everything sold out immediately! and I bet it will sell out of the local stores here too...

the paisley bike is awesome too. I like the pink bedding and the umbrellas as well. not sure if I will get anything though! most of the online ordering is out of stock too. so it's kind of a hassle from here.
Yeah - looks like everything's going super fast! Even in the store there were people swarming around with piles of Liberty stuff in their carts. I think I'm going to check another Target tomorrow to see if they have anything else.
They really know their market...I think this is one of their most successful design pairings yet.

I totally wish the romper came in my size, too!
that bike is awesome, and hey, summer is coming and you need a new bike, right?
I don't need a bike at all! When do I have time to go on solo bike rides? Still, if I COULD buy a bike, it would be that one. I love beach cruisers, and you're really not going to see another crazy, flower-festooned bike like that again.
haha - get the bike!!!!
I wish! I totally can't justify it, though. Foo.


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8 years ago

love that romper! Making a note to hit Target early this week!
Go quick! They don't have a lot left! :)
OOooh. Need to hit Target soon!
It's worth it just to look at the dishes and such!


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March 15 2010, 06:21:30 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  March 15 2010, 06:23:09 UTC

I have thus far hit six Targets. I have nearly everything (save the bike and men's stuff). I didn't get the green duffle because I liked the Dunclare print bag better. But I have ALL of the wallets. I still need one mug and a damn umbrella. And I may have shoved a shopping cart in a woman's path to keep her from getting the last little girl's tote. My niece is gonna be the most awesome kid in school EVER.
Go, you! You're like a one-woman pop-up store!

I'm still wavering on the duffle. I may end up selling it on eBay if they're selling for 60 bucks...


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8 years ago

i got the ruffly top, some juniors sun dresses (for myself!) & a watering can :)
You must be so twee! ;) I fawned over the juniors sundresses and lamented that they were both far too small for me, and far too big for the Bee.
If there's a piece you're dying for and can't find, I might be able to grab it here. The stock doesn't seem to be moving as fast.
Oh, thanks! I think I've managed to find everything I needed. Can't spend any more money! :)
Oh, I need to get to Target! And get some money! Do you recall how much that bike is? I actually need one!
The bike was $199 and as of this morning they seemed to have new stock online. I haven't found the bike in our nearest two Targets, though, but you can look on their site and look up stock by store!

You would look ADORABLE on that bike!
Oh the bag!!! Want!!
I only managed to get a flower pot in the black floral print with a pinkish/purpleish inside. Target doesn't have a picture of it, so maybe it doesn't really exist.