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I know, did you forget I had two kids? Owen's in school all day and spends far too much time playing video games after school, or reading Club Penguin books, or watching Pokemon. It's hard to artfully photograph the life of a 6-year-old.

The last couple of nights I've been reading 'The Secret Garden' to him before bed, upon my mother's recommendation. It was one of her favorite books, and mine as well. He's a huge reader (I have to confiscate books at times so he will go to bed), but the subject matter is nearly always based in cartoon and video game iconography. He reads faaar beyond his grade level at this point, but only if involves MEGA BATTLES.

Therefore, I was skeptical about this quite proper and somewhat girly novel set on the drafty moors of Yorkshire. But hey! Something about it seems to resonate with him (I think he's fond of Ben Weatherstaff's robin), and he enjoyed my own story of exploring a shuttered and overgrown garden right here in Rochester when I was a teenager. Said garden has since been restored (Warner Castle's sunken garden), and Owen asked if we could visit it together. This is huge. It does not involve fuzzy yellow imaginary creatures or MEGA BATTLES or zombies.
This is what I hoped parenting would be like, just a little bit. For a brief, shining moment, we have something in common.
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they are so beautiful. :)
i loved reading in bed as a kid!
aw. that's good to hear!

owen is looking so old! and miss larkin as well! i see she cooks while owen is away at school ; )
your kids are so adorable.

aw owen! I love that he's getting into the secret garden with you. I remember loving it, and that sunken garden sounds wonderful :)
I can't believe how big they both are now! I was/am an avid reader, reading at a third grade level at age 5. It is wonderful that he is open to other kinds of stories. You never know what will capture his imagination.
When he gets older, you need to give him a wind-up flashlight for his birthday or something so he can read under the covers when he is supposed to be sleeping. ;D Some of my best childhood memories are secretly reading under the covers.
Both of them have grown so much!
My mom used to read books like Stuart Little and The Trumpet and the Swan or the Chronicles of Narnia to me even though I was obsessed with things like GI Joe or the Transformers.
I can't believe how big they both are!
Re: The Secret Garden, I remember desperately wanting to like that book, but finding it a bit boring somehow! Maybe it's worth a revisit, especially if it's entertaining your kid!
That's so great! I read to Wesley every night. Maybe I need to put The Secret Garden on our list. I always liked that story. :)
aw my favorite
so sweet!
oh my gosh, lookit how big!!
I am so so happy that you and Owen have found common ground :)
I love this story! How adorable of Owen to be drawn in to the Secret Garden!! Wonderful story...